Why we were started

EV.jpgThe need for travel is ever present in the business world. Those needs weren’t met. You have three options in North Dakota. Traditional airlines, Private aircraft charter and Driving. Traditional airlines entail long lines and being herded into cramp airliners just to connect 500 miles away from your destination. Private aircraft charters are outrageously expensive and driving is a hemorrhage of time that is at the mercy of the weather. After we realized how difficult and inefficient travel was in North Dakota we set out to solve that issue. We strive to meet the needs of our customers and after extensive market research we developed our model.

Our model

Pay once a month. Fly as much as you want. Its that simple.
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Who we are

Great Planes Airlines is a diverse group of multidisciplinary individuals who have spent their entire working lives in the Aviation industry, dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and enabling them to grow and promote their businesses. Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota GPA has been serving the upper midwest since 2016.


Our Team


Olivier.jpgOlivier Goudreau (CEO): Olivier graduated the University of North Dakota in 2016 with a degree in Commercial Aviation.  Olivier is currently a flight instructor for UND and a Managing Associate with the Dakota venture Group.



Andrew.jpgAndrew Allen (CFO): Andrew is a student at the University of North Dakota and is majoring in entrepreneurship and management. He is also the President of the Dakota Venture Group, a student run venture capital group that manages a $1.8 million fund.



Kyle.jpgKyle Black (COO): Is the Chief Operations Officer and owner of the GFK Flight support operating certificate. Kyle operates and manages a charter operation in Grand Forks, which utilizes a Pilatus PC-12 as well as a Beech Premier jet.



Jim.jpgJames Busch (CMO-CIO): James is an Aviation Technology Management student at the University of North Dakota.  Jim is a commercial pilot,  aircraft owner and an EMT for the Fargo Moorhead Ambulance Service.



BillBill Paulin (Business Development): Bill is a professor in the Entrepreneurship college at the University of North Dakota. Bill has an extensive background working with startups of all shape and size. He has overseen the start of many tech based startups here in the US and in Finland.



DanDan Malott (Business Development): Dan is a professor in the Aviation College at the University of North Dakota.  Dan was a co-founder of Valley Med Flight Services, an air medevac service that operated in North Dakota.  Dan is also a founder at Vallery Aircraft Services.